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What is Seal Coat?

  • Seal coat is applied to asphalt to seal the pavement surface and protect it from the degradation caused by sunlight, oxidation, and water. Seal coat also beautifies the pavement by providing a black surface ideal for painting fresh vibrant pavement markings. On older pavements seal coat will extend the life of pavement. Seal coating can replace fine particles lost from the asphalt surface while sealing small cracks before they become larger, protecting the supporting base material from water intrusion. Patching would need to be done in areas of serious deterioration prior to the seal coat application for this system to work the best. Seal coat is a mixture of asphalt emulsion, chemical modifiers and fine aggregate (sand).

  • NOTE: This material can be driven on after 24 hours of application; however, tight turns will cause scuffing until this material has a complete cure.

  • Application process: It is applied both by spray and by squeegee, often, if applied in two coats, both methods will be used. On larger areas Alakona will use the seal coat buggy, shown at right, to apply the sealer.


What is Slurry Seal?

  • Slurry seal is one of the most versatile of pavement surface treatment systems, providing low cost, rapid usability, and aesthetic value, while correcting minor deficiencies in the pavement surface and preventing further deterioration.  Slurry Seal replaces a larger aggregate than seal coat.  When used at the right times, slurry seal can extend the life of an asphalt pavement and save money by preventing minor problems from turning into major ones. Slurry seal is also more eco-friendly and less expensive than many other systems.

  • A slurry seal is a step up from seal coating, in which aggregate is added to asphalt emulsion to form a slurry which covers the pavement.  The slurry seal will last approximately 5-8 years depending on traffic and weather.  The material will penetrate cracks and seal damaged areas better than a seal coat would.   

  • Application process:

    • The slurry seal is applied using the slurry seal truck pictured at right.  Slurry seal, as in seal coating, requires that areas of serious asphalt deterioration be patched before application of slurry material. 

    • NOTE: Slurry seal will lose some aggregate during the first couple of months after installation; however, this is temporary until the material has fully cured. (Alakona will return to sweep up loose aggregate within the first 1-2 weeks following application.) This material will scuff during this curing time as cars make power steering turns while parking and turning into driveways. We advise occupants and request that they minimize tight turns during the first few months as the material is hardening. These scuffs and power steering marks will subside as material hardens and is fully cured.


Slurry seal
Seal Coat

What do the posted signs on my street mean and where can I park?

  • Approximately 24 hours prior to road work beginning on your street, barricades will be posted with signage indicating the date and time of the road closure (e.g. 7:30am-4:30pm). During this time, no parking is allowed on the street and driving will also be prohibited. Alakona mails yellow notices to all residents directly affected by the road closure approximately two weeks prior to the scheduled work day, which will correspond with the date(s)/time posted on the barricades.

  • Please park your vehicle on any non-posted street (i.e. a street not marked with barricades indicating road work on the same day). Please pay close attention to the dates posted on the barricades as we often do work on consecutive days in a given neighborhood.

  • Seal coat and slurry seal need additional time to cure after the initial application; even though the street may appear to be "dry" and our crew is not present, driving on the street is still prohibited until the time noted on the sign. Driving on the street too early can damage the road, as well as result in asphalt products sticking to your car/tires.

  • PLEASE NOTE THAT UNDER NORMAL WEATHER CONDITIONS, your street should be back in service by 3:30pm. Any work not done due to poor weather will be rescheduled and you will be notified via mail again.

  • Towing: Alakona makes its best efforts to locate the owners of any vehicles parked on prohibited streets before having vehicles towed by HPD.


Do you have other questions? If so, please contact us at 808-833-1991 or


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