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Additional Information On Some Current Projects

Pavement Preservation of Streets, IDIQ Job No. DRM 01-18

This is a C & C of Honolulu DFM contract to preserve the streets.

Areas included in this project are: Newtown, Royal Summit, Pearl Ridge, Waimalu, Aiea, Pearl City, Halawa, Foster Village, Kahala, Kapahulu and Kaimuki.


Prep work consists of crack filling streets and removing pavement markings (scarifying).

Notices will be mailed out and roads will not be closed for prep work (crack fill, scarifying and sweeping). “No Parking” barricades will be distributed.

Notices for Seal Coat/Slurry Seal work will be mailed out to residences for CLOSURE of streets.

Please see maps below for scheduled work.

Woman-owned small business, established in 1982

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